Best Curtain Cleaning in Canberra

Curtains do not only form a decorative piece but they also help keep the excessive light at bay during the day and give privacy at night as well. Like all the decorative items known, curtains also contribute a lot in improving the ambiance of your room. If you end up hanging a wrong type or color of curtains in the house, then it can deteriorate the entire outlook as well as the ambiance of your house.

On the similar scale, it becomes very necessary to keep the curtains clean and neat all the time. Dirty curtains not only make your house look messy but they also disturb the overall ambiance of your house.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning in Canberra provides the best curtain cleaning services in Canberra. We guarantee:

  • 100% eco-friendly cleaning methods
  • Same day and emergency curtain cleaning services
  • Removal and uninstallation of curtains
  • Stains, dirt and spots elimination
  • Best prices
Curtain Cleaning Canberra
Curtain Cleaning Canberra

Importance of Curtain Cleaning in Canberra

  • As mentioned above, curtains are a crucial part of house decoration. They make your house look more presentable. But, if they are dirty they may have an opposite effect. It makes your house look dirty and messy all the time. It also expresses a great deal about your lifestyle to the outsiders. So, their cleanliness is very important.
  • Often the kids in our houses, love to play hide and seek. Their favorite place to hide is behind the curtains. This means they get into the direct contact of these curtains. If we don’t maintain their regular cleanliness, then some germs may get transferred to the body of the kids when they come in the direct contact of these curtains.
  • Same is with the pets in our house. They may also come in the direct contact with the dirty curtains while roaming around in the house. The germs may get transferred to their body hair, leading to various unwanted diseases. Their body hair may also prove to be acarrier of germs and bacteria, due to which food items, water bottles, our children are at an unseen risk all the time.
  • It makes all over ambiance of the house very unhygienic and unhealthy to live in.
  • The collection of dust and dirt on the curtains may be harmful to the elders of our house suffering from respiratory problems such as Asthma etc.
Professional Curtain Cleaner Canberra
Professional Curtain Cleaner Canberra

How to clean curtains? (DIYs)

  • Vacuum them on a regular basis

    This is one of the best and the easiest methods to clean the drapes and curtains of your house. It also prevents deposition of dust and dirt making your work easier for future. Just know about the right pressure of the vacuum which needs to be set before cleaning them, and you are sorted.

  • Different types of washing

    If the curtains hanging around your house are made of adelicate material, then make sure to wash them manually, if possible. This is done in order to ensure that the material of the curtain is intact even after a long time use. In case, the curtains are made of thenormal washable material then you can clean them in a washing machine. This makes your work easier.

  • Stains just be cleaned then and there

    With so many members residing inside the house, accidental spills are bound to happen. They not only make the curtains dirty but leave behind a nasty smell and some stains also. In such scenario, it is very necessary to clean them immediately. For this, you may simply take a mixture of vinegar and water and blot the stain with the help of a cotton cloth.

Curtain Vacuum Cleaning
Curtain Vacuum Cleaning

Our Procedure of Cleaning Curtains

  • Once Same Day Carpet Cleaning gets an appointment with any of our beloved customers, we immediately send two of our experts to inspect the damage done to the curtains.
  • On the next day, our team of professionals arrives at the site and we begin our work.
  • We start with separating the curtains and drapes made with soft, delicate material and normal material. This is done as adifferent type of curtains require different treatment.
  • Our first step involves vacuuming the curtains irrespective of the material they are made up of. This process removes all kinds of dust and dirt making our further work easier. As a matter of fact, we make sure to use avacuum cleaner in the right way. We make sure to put right pressure and move it in the right manner so that no damage is caused to the material of the curtains.
  • After this, we put our focus on stains and spills. They need special attention as they make the curtains look dirty and have abad effect on their materials as well. For cleaning specific spills of food items etc., we use organic chemicals mixed with equal parts of water. Then we take a brush used to clean curtain, dip it in the mixture so formed, and clean the stains.
  • After this, as a final step, we wash the curtains with lukewarm water manually. Lukewarm water ensures that all the germs and bacteria are removed. We wash it twice. After this, all the curtains and drapes are sun-dried as a final step. The UV rays emitting from thesun are very useful in removing all type of germs and bacteria which may have been left behind.
Best Curtain Cleaning Services
Best Curtain Cleaning Services

Why Hire Same Day Curtain Cleaning in Canberra?

  • Our team of experts is highly trained in their work.
  • We employ latest tools and techniques for carrying out the cleaning process.
  • Our curtain cleaning experts are available 24*7 online for giving assistance and solving various queries of our beloved customers.
  • Our list of customers includes many elite individuals and are extremely satisfied with our work as well.
  • The price we charge for our work is extremely reasonable and can be afforded by all class of people.

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Same Day Curtain Cleaning
Same Day Curtain Cleaning

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